5 Reasons why the Mod. Camel is the NextGen Washing System

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The latest food safety requirements are focused on the need to operate a very thorough washing of produce during processing. Since its introduction, the pumpless closed pipe flume known as the Model Camel, has become the preferred solution for many renowned, worldwide food processors, particularly in the fresh-cut market. In North America there are now many operational systems processing a wide variety of products including delicate baby leaves, cut leaves, cherry tomatoes and various berries.This closed flume system provides for full emersion of the product and a very accurate contact time with the sanitizing solution thus ensuring the required precise treatment time.

In summary there are five reasons why you should consider the patented Mod. Camel as your preferred solution to carefully wash your produce:

  • Very delicate items can be processed as the product is moved by gravity without the need for a pump in the process flow.
  • Retention time is guaranteed, accurate to the second, and can be easily adjusted to allow for different products/requirements.
  • Products are fully submersed (this is virtually impossible to control in an open flume wash).
  • Water consumption is reduced to as little as 1/5 of the quantity in an open flume. Making a significant contribution to a sustainable environment.
  • Easy system customization allows for fitting in a limited area, use as a transport system and the flexibility for your different capacity and contact time requirements.




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