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Turatti Group is a worldwide leader in food processing technology and a solutions provider for automation. Established in 1869, the group has been owned for five generations by the Turatti family, who infuses all operations with a commitment to innovation, social responsibility and providing cutting edge food processing solutions.
For over seven decades the group is operating in North America, being the proud supplier of some of the major US and Canadian food processors.
A 20,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility in Salinas, CA hosts the headquarters and manufacturing plants of Turatti North America. The operations manage the sales, services, support, and spare parts for the group, and represents other high-class solutions providers on robotics and automation for the US, Canadian, and Mexican markets.


To provide the most advanced customized food processing solutions, assisting processors in delivering food products with superior safety, quality, and convenience.


To be the preferred solutions provider in the global food processing business, following our unwavering commitment to design,  and manufacture state-of-the-art tailored equipment and processing lines.


Turatti’s core values include integrity, service to the customer, and dedication to excellence as a result of a long history and tradition of innovation. We believe we should incorporate these values in every decision we make. Our core values provide us with a means of not only guiding, but also evaluating our operations, planning, and vision for the future.



More than 25 years of providing solutions all over the world

At SERFRUIT, we have been providing integral solutions in the field of production automation for more than 25 years. Experience gained in design, assembly, installation, maintenance and aftersales has made SERFRUIT a leader of high-technology for production automation on a European and an international level.

We understand that every company has a specific problem area, so we study each case and design specific projects for each client, seeking maximum efficiency and profitability. Our background in the most complex sectors with perishable products, the fruit and vegetable and food sectors, and our commitment to R&D enables us to tackle any automation challenge in any production sector.

Our know-how and our extensive international distribution network has allowed us to produce and put into operation systems and automated machines in the five continents.

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The Turatti Advanced Solutions Center, operates in close synergy with QFreshLab, co-located within the same facility. The lab will offer independent testing and analytical services including (but not limited to) Shelf life studies, Respiration Rate Quantification, and Package integrity.

Contact us to learn more about the services available at our demonstration and testing center, or to schedule a product demo, training, or equipment maintenance.

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