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Since the opening of its Salinas facilities, Turatti North America has been operational with a state-of-the-art test area, allowing us to carry out trials and demos with customers’ products.

With the restrictions in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this section had been increased and restructured, adding the opportunity to perform virtual demonstrations. Currently, with the assistance of the latest AR technologies, processors are offered the possibility to schedule a remote trial of their product. The opportunity to ship the tested samples back to the processors is also presented.

Customers can join from anywhere in the world being enabled, trough virtual demos, to collaborate with the applications team of Turatti, asking questions and making observations. Like being present in person they can effect real-time changes in the process.
The President and CEO of Turatti North America, Dr. Alessandro Turatti, pointed out an additional benefit of the innovative virtual demo area: “The live video interface, compared to in-person visits, empowers food processors to observe the same system from simultaneous multiple views. This results in a more holistic understanding of the solution.”

Virtual demos and tests (training as well) can be recorded for later review.

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