Fresh-Cut Fruit Processing: Turatti North America at UC Davis

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Alessandro Turatti, President and CEO of Turatti North America, shall be one of the qualified keynote speaker at the “III International Conference on Fresh-cut Products: Maintaining Quality & Safety”. The event shall be held at the UC Davis Conference Center September 13-16, 2015 (Detailed information here).

The presentation of Dr. Turatti shall be focused on Fresh-Cut Fruit Processing. Production of fresh-cut fruit is on the rise because consumers are increasingly aware of the importance of healthy dietary habits while looking for convenient and easy meal preparation. Despite the potential, processors of these value added products are facing numerous challenges not commonly encountered during the processing of fresh-cut vegetables. While not insurmountable, these difficulties require an higher and brand new level of technical and operational complexity that only an experienced company as Turatti North America can provide. In fact, being part of a group that is among the top suppliers of food processing systems in the world, allows to Turatti North America to provide innovative solutions to serve the Fresh-cut and Ready Meals industry.

Turatti was recently awarded at United Fresh Produce Association’s annual convention and expo in Chicago for the first ever patented strawberry capper developed to remove the berry calyx. The model Frazer won in the “Best New Packing/Processing Equipment” category and is currently representing a disruptive innovation in fruit processing, with dozens of models running worldwide.



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