Introducing Mod. Streamer: Funny Streams of Health !

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Produce and vegetables processors need to create new categories of products that appeals the consumers. One recent hot trend is to convert vegetables like Carrots, Zucchinis, Sweet Potatoes… into spiral-shaped, pasta-type noodles. The idea behind this is to chop a vegetable as little as possible to keep its nutritional values intact. These vegetable forms are definitely a treat to the eyes, and surely give the usual salads a more interesting spin or can become a full meal on their own to substitute pasta (based dishes).  These new spiralized productstranscend all the world’s cuisines and dietary restrictions, and offering a very wide range of opportunities.

As of today, Produce and Fresh-Cut processors, were unable to process a large and consistent quantity of these noodle-like products, having to rely on small commercial kitchen tools. A game-changer to the industry is the new equipment from Turatti Group: the new Mod. Streamer (

This system is combining high capacity with amazing quality and versatility since it is operating seamlessly on different cutting stations (with the possibility to be automatically fed). This model is a great asset to the industry since it allows the opportunity to recover otherwise unutilized parts from firm fruits and vegetables (stalks, cores, irregular products…) and transforming them into exciting products that are shaped like the famous Italian “Spaghetti” or “Tagliatelle”, thus without the calories… Cut is uniform and can be varied as required, both in width and in length.

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