Multi-Decorer Titano CR from Turatti is nominated for the 2018 United Fresh Innovation Award

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Winner in 2014 with the Strawberry Capper Mod. Frazer, Turatti is nominated for the third time since then for the 2018 United Fresh Innovation Award with the Automatic Multi-Decorer Mod. Titano CR 18.

This innovative equipment is an extremely flexible automated system that can be adapted to many different products (cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, iceberg,…), providing a platform for crown removal, coring, trimming and cutting as required. Because of its amazing versatility, it is possible to adjust automatically to any size and shape of product.
This is the only available unit that can removes the jacket from cauliflower. With the exponentially growing trend of cauliflower rice, the unique and innovative Mod. Titano CR 18 is a very important solution, allowing processors to fully automate their ricing and floretting operations, both increasing efficiency and decreasing labor.

The United Fresh Expos will be open June 26-27 and attendees will be able to vote during the trade show.
Help us to be announced as the winner on the trade show floor on Wednesday, June 27 !

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