The new Mod. Vortex® 2019: Unmatched Quality and Versatility

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Since its introduction, the Mod. Vortex® took the produce market by storm, turning into the preferred drying solution for all the major fresh-cut processors worldwide.

Striving for excellence, the 2019 version is distinguished by:

1) Improved hygienic design. Turatti integrated an extraordinarily open hygienic design, which provides ideal accessibility for sanitation and maintenance.
2) High capacity and increased shelf-life of product. The model combine increased higher capacity de-watering with gentle handling of the product.
3) Flexibility of the machine. The availability of different configurations makes the Vortex® a very flexible machine, suitable for different plant layouts.
4) Higher efficiency. A focus on efficiency also allowed Turatti to increase energy savings by combining higher-efficiency inverter and motors with an energy recovery system.
5) New products can be processed. The recent veggie trend can build on the Vortex’s unique ability to dry cauliflower and broccoli rice but also as well as whole Romaine leaves.

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