The new Peeler and Cutter for ripe Mango Mod. Malver, awarded the Gold MIA 2017 Medal

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The trophy case at Turatti is never wide enough! Just launched, the new model Malver (Peeler and Cutter for ripe Mango), was awarded the Gold MIA 2017 Medal that will be delivered during a ceremony at the coming Macfrut show in Rimini (Italy).

The awarded model is an innovative system designed to peel and slice ripe mango, previously destoned and half-cut. The system consists of a loading and a peeling/cutting section, both adjusting to the size of the fruit to be processed. This allows to operate with different sized products, always guaranteeing a uniform peeling and to obtain a high quality finished product.

The Malver model can be integrated with a destoning system, allowing to obtain a compact and stand-alone unit.

The main features of the machine are:
• Possibility to peel varieties of mature mangoes.
• Continuous operation
• Uniform peeling and high yields
• Easy to use, clean and maintain
• Simple design


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