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The “Open House” held at the new headquarters of Cavarzere on the 12th of July, kicks off events lasting through 2019. The Group is celebrating the 150th Anniversary of innovation since its founding by Domenico Turatti, the progenitor of the Turatti family. The family has maintained direct control of the company since 1869.

This prestigious milestone has been achieved thanks to the foresight that distinguishes the Turatti Family for five Generations, always looking to the future through a strong entrepreneurial identity.

“Our longevity is due to the fact that we have always clearly understood and anticipated the needs of the food sector,” says President Antonio Turatti. “We have combined this ability with a great spirit of adaptation. With our passion for quality and innovation, we provide systems and services that meet those needs.”

Over the past 150 years, the innovations of Turatti Group have radically transformed various sectors, from the construction of agricultural machinery through the core business of the food processing sector, without neglecting strong innovative elements in oenology (with Dionysus) and in nutraceuticals.

“This anniversary gives us the opportunity to look to the future and communicate what we are doing to shape the next decades of Turatti Group”, says Alessandro Turatti, President of Turatti North America, “We have been able to combine Italian ‘know-how’ with a global mindset thanks to our design speed and our ability to immediately understand the needs of our customers in every corner of the world” continues Dr. Turatti, who defines the group as a pocket multinational.

Ilaria Turatti, President of Turatti Pacific, in fact places the accent on the internationalization of Turatti Group: “We have three cutting-edge production plants in Europe, in North America and in Asia; these three continents represent 80% of the world population and the national market now represents just over 10% of our production. Our industrial plan envisages a further internationalization phase with a focus on Asia and South America.”

While thinking about our upcoming challenges, the celebrations and activities will be announced in detail on the mini celebratory website.

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