Turatti North America partnership with Intralox: Innovative hygienic design elevator with ThermoDrive™ tensionless belt system

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Turatti Group puts a strong emphasis on quality and food safety. Operating on a global scale and with a very high level of customization of the equipment, the evaluation and selection of the right supplier are critical and complex.

Intralox had been accompanying the growth of the companies of the group since almost four decades and it did develop several special components for them.

Now that Turatti North America is expanding, supplying from the new state-of-the art facility in Salinas the major North American food processors, the strategic partnership is reinforced and it became stronger than ever.

One recent example is the new hygienic design elevator belt. On this unit, Turatti focus on hygienic design reaches the highest standards thanks to the ThermoDrive™ patented tensionless belt system. ThermoDrive belting combines the cleanability of solid homogeneous belting with the low-maintenance, positive-drive operation of Intralox modular belting. It features a patented limiter, belt and sprocket within the Tensionless Drive Engagement Unit, and provides reliable, predictable operational performance.

As a result, the elevator is characterized by an improved hygiene eliminating bacterial harborage and facilitating effective cleaning. Because of the special configuration, the conveyor eliminates the need for tracking, steering and tensioning. Customers experience an open access design that allows ThermoDrive to be cleaned in place without conveyor adjustment, dramatically improving sanitation time and costs.

ThermoDrive technology goes beyond traditional positive drive systems and creates entirely new opportunities for advances in hygienic belt and conveyor design. Thanks to the open design of the elevator frame, the sanitation and maintenance operators can access any area rapidly with no tools required.



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