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The current unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic exposed the fact that automation matters. In fact, food processors are highly dependable on human workers to produce their products, but what happens when workers cannot show up for their shifts? Nowadays, in the produce plants are employing hundreds or thousands of workers making social distancing impossible thus increasing: the risk of contracting the deadly virus. This scenario is made even worse if you take the asymptomatic transmission into account.

A stronger drive toward automation will not only solve or mitigate this labor problem but will provide cost reduction benefits across the board.

Since its incorporation in 2015, Turatti North America has been assisting food processing operators with cutting-edge solutions to increase competitiveness through improved efficiency, productivity, and cost savings. Our product portfolio provides automated solutions to a wide range of processes including sorting, coring, cutting, washing, sanitizing, drying and blanching. These automated processes can also assist the operators in monitoring their key performance indicators, offering valuable insights to continually identify opportunities for improvements.

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