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If you want a glimpse into the future of produce processing, there is no better place than the Turatti booth at the coming Fruit Logistica in Berlin (Feb 7-9, 2018) ! In Hall 3.1 at Booth D-07, we will set up an impressive multimedia experience, focusing on the new products and existing ones which have established new benchmarks in the industry.

For the second year in a row, Turatti has had one of their machines shortlisted for the most prestigious award of its kind in the international fresh fruit and vegetable sector, the FLIA (The Fruit Logistica Innovation Award). The peeler and cutter for ripe mango (Model Malver) has taken the industry by storm. Automatically adjusting to the size of the mango, this latest innovation combines high-capacity with the utmost precision. The peel is automatically removed, and the mango can be sliced in a number of selectable configurations.

A whole range of vegetable spiralizers and ricers will be on display: the new Streamer Compact 2018, the Streamer 80 and the dicer Hera. The scope of what Turatti offers is expanding. Creating a brand-new market segment with its growing line of compact machines, the group gave to food processors of all sizes the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage in the vegetable market.

At FruitLogistica 2017 the newly launched Vortex Spin Dryer was in the spotlight. Quickly becoming the gold standard for gently dewatering large amounts of delicate leafy products and vegetables, this year we will introduce the Compact Version. This will allow the smaller processors to operate a highly efficient entry-level unit, with a completely automated process. The compact configuration also features the already famous patented finned basked (designed to enhance water evacuation even at very low RPMs).

Looking forward to seeing you there!


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