Vortex® Automated Spin Dryer offered by Turatti North America

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At the recent Fruit Logistica exhibit held in Berlin, the new automated spin dyer model Vortex® attracted much attention. In fact, this innovative system is combining high capacity dewatering with gentle product handling.

Some of the major features of the Turatti Vortex® are:

  • Innovative basket configuration, which is the result of advanced computer simulations, allowing enhanced water removal at very low speeds.
  • Hygienic design that consents full and easy access to every spin dryer part resulting in faster and more effective cleaning operations.
  • Extraordinary versatility with a broad range of feeding and discharging configurations that fit the most challenging plant layouts.
  • Unique machine construction utilizing a heavy duty electric drive.
  • Fully automatic operation with computerized control of all process parameters to match product requirements.

Please see the amazing video to learn more about Turatti Vortex®


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